Red Carpet

Benedict Cumberbatch – Red Carpet

Benedict Cumberbatch - Red Carpet

Leading Actor nominee and Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, talks to Kate Thornton on the red carpet. For more BAFTA Television Awards features visit: htt…
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  1. he kinda sounds like Aidan Turner <3

  2. milkycatmeow says:

    it’s always a pleasure to watch him do a live interview, such a gentleman.

  3. Here’s one for the Benedict Cumberbatch fans…

  4. Ola Axelsson says:

    Next James Bond

  5. Scarlett Moriarty says:


  6. Stahp… Haha

  7. Madalen Johnson says:

    He looks good with black hair …Ben …why do u have to exist? You drive
    all the girls crazy…

  8. kiwigreeneyes says:

    If he’d offered me his sunglasses I would have taken them…. lol. But the
    interviewer’s comeback was hilarious.

  9. sherlocked74 says:

    HOW THE HELLL DID HE NOT WINN? beautiful man.

  10. Shiloh Holmes says:

    is it just me or do you ppl hear ppl yelling “BENEDICT, BENEDICT!!” <3

  11. Julylovesmusic1 says:

    he is just cute *__*

  12. Interview with Dominic West 53 views, 1 likes, 0 comments – Interview with
    Benedict Cumberbatch 301 views, 66 likes, 22 comments – I guess it’s easy
    to see who’s won the fans hearts :D It’s such a pity when such immensely
    gifted actors like Benedict Cumberbatch or John Simm don’t get the
    recognition and/or chances/parts/etc. they deserve. IMHO Cumberbatch should
    have won the BAFTA award and John Simm should already be a major movie star
    (which should be Ben’s next step after Sherlock).

  13. 0306babylove says:

    Schtop :) He speaks German! :DDD

  14. torchwoodhub1 says:

    Awwww, it’s like he knew he wasn’t gonna win. :-( There’s hope for next
    time Benedict! (and he realllyyy should have won it. The scene leading to
    the fall in itself should have won it for him!)

  15. Julia Czapiewska says:

    You won anyway

  16. Skylar Jean says:

    Oh, SHTOP! SHTOP! SHTOP! Hahaha! You adorable guy, you!

  17. charmaine auyeung says:

    EPIC :)

  18. omg O.O the lisp <3<3<3

  19. Mitchell Marshall says:

    I just came from Andrew Scott fans to the Cumber Collective. BIG Difference

  20. KangarooBird121 says:

    aw I think he liked her :3

  21. LittleMeKatta says:

    I’ve tried all night to understand why Benedict didn’t win a BAFTA. I DON’T
    UNDERSTAND!!! What more does he need to do?! I’m almost crying.. Ben you’ve
    won our hearts, fuck the BAFTA’s -3

  22. starkidwannabe11 says:

    He can always say ‘Fuck you BAFTA, I won the hearts’


  24. Cynthia Saavedra says:

    Benny!! Cumberbitchies Are With you Dont Worry Love

  25. his eyes pierce my soul okay